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Sharm el Sheikh


Sharm el Sheikh is located at the southern tip of the Siani peninsula. The international airports serve both private and many international charter flights. The Marina harbors private yachts as well as international cruises.
Sharm el Sheikh has a cosmopolitan rather than Egyptian flair due to its refined amenities. The development in the city offers an exclusive world of elegant luxury: enchanting low density resorts with brand names, exclusive sports facilities, unparalleled food courts, shopping centers and a vivid nightlife. The land plan shows that the total area of Sharm El-Sheikh is expected to be about 42 km² in the year 2017.
The city is also known as the City of Peace and since the early 1990s has hosted a number of important Middle Eastern peace conferences. Obviously Sharm offers high-end business facilities in most hotels and Egypt 's finest conference centers.
With its stunning coral reefs and colourful fish, Sharm el Sheikh is a paradise for those who like diving and snorkelling. Sharm el Sheikh was recently awarded as the world's best diving destination. The famous Nature Park Ras Mohamed is a short distance away, Tiran Island lies just ahead. But Sharm has more to offer than superb diving. Innumerable leisure facilities from snorkeling, water sports to golfing or quad biking in the desert are offered. Excursions into the Sinai or day trips to explore historical monuments on Egypt 's mainland are possible.



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published December 31, 2007